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The project team evaluated multiple options for an east-west corridor and selected Pleasant Street as the preferred alternative based on a thorough study of environmental impacts, project cost, and input from Noblesville residents and project stakeholders.


The Reimagine Pleasant Street project will provide a much-needed new east-west corridor in Noblesville to carry traffic from SR 37 to SR 32.


Construction of Pleasant Street will result in a 24% reduction in traffic along SR 32.


In addition to this website, Noblesville residents can stay informed about this project on the Twitter project feed at @reimaginepleasantst.


The Reimagine Pleasant Street project is a multi-year initiative that will result in improved east-west connectivity and accessibility for our growing City of Noblesville. The roadway design will provide Noblesville residents, local businesses, and key stakeholders with many improvements that will enhance mobility and public safety while also honoring the urban character and historic features of the project area. Key stakeholders include the City of Noblesville and Hamilton County.


The Reimagine Pleasant Street project is Mayor Chris Jensen's first priority for improving Noblesville infrastructure. Mayor Jensen's four priority pillars for Noblesville are transforming public safety, protecting and enhancing historic downtown, strong and sustainable workforce development, and smart infrastructure investment. 

Watch this video shown at Mayor Jensen's State of the City address about the importance and support for expanding Pleasant Street across White River as a new east-west corridor in Noblesville.


Talk of improving east-west mobility in Noblesville has existed since the 1980s, and an official study was begun in 1987. The City of Noblesville, in partnership with Hamilton County, has conducted numerous Pleasant Street and White River Bridge Crossing feasibility studies over the ensuing years, all with the goal of providing a viable east-west corridor to relieve traffic congestion in downtown Noblesville. These studies can be found on the Project Documents page

In 2016, the east-west corridor alignment was narrowed down to four options: Conner Street, Pleasant Street, Irving Street, and Carbon Street. Analysis of these four options was presented at a public information meeting held on December 13, 2016. 

In 2018, the city continued studying the environmental impacts of various alternatives. Also in 2018, the city’s population had increased five-fold since the first studies were completed in the 1980s.

In his inaugural State of the City address in February 2020, Noblesville Mayor Chris Jenson identified the East-West Corridor as his No. 1 priority for moving infrastructure forward. Because of Mayor Jenson and the city’s newfound dedication to this project, the alternatives analysis was updated for two additional options: a new alignment proposed by the Southwest Quad Neighborhood and a revised Pleasant Street alignment. A community advisory committee was formed to solicit input on the alternatives from leaders of local organizations, and a public information meeting about the alternatives was held on July 29, 2020.

The project team has now completed the alternatives analysis and recommended the revised Pleasant Street corridor as the preferred alternative. The Indiana Department of Transportation has reviewed the analysis and allowed the project to proceed with the preferred alternative. This approval is an important step that allows the city to seek additional funding sources as the project progresses.


The Pleasant Street project isn’t just for cars; the corridor also provides connectivity for three major trails that will enhance the pedestrian and bicycle network through the heart of Noblesville.  The project will extend the Midland Trace Trail throughout the project limits, connecting with the Riverwalk Trail and the future Nickel Plate Trail.  

Pleasant St Map - trail map.jpg


Because of the size of the project, it is anticipated that construction will consist of three phases.

  • The first phase is the most critical to provide congestion relief for SR 32 by creating the connection over the White River from River Road to 10th Street. Construction of this phase is anticipated to begin in spring 2023.

  • The second phase will improve existing Pleasant Street from 10th Street to SR 37.

  • The third phase will connect Pleasant Street from River Road to SR 32 at the Hague Road intersection.

Pleasant St Map - with alignment.png


Phase 1 

  • Late 2020 - Preferred alternative determined

  • Early 2021 - Begin detailed design for preferred alternative

  • Fall 2021 - Begin land acquisition process

  • Fall 2022 - Project bids accepted

  • Winter 2022 - Begin relocating utilities

  • Spring 2023 - Roadway construction

  • Fall 2024 - Final completion/roadway open to public

Phases 2 and 3

  • Fall 2023 - Project bids accepted

  • Spring 2024 - Roadway construction

  • Fall 2025 - Final completion/roadway open to public


The City is pursuing a multi-faceted funding strategy to pay for this critical and transformative infrastructure project. The strategy will leverage the City’s strong financial position that has been created from years of prudent fiscal management and from targeted growth strategies that provide more jobs, income, and property values to the City.  More than $145 million in public/private investment in Noblesville took place in 2020 alone, which will contribute to the tax base and spread the impact of this project over a larger group of users and beneficiaries. To read the full funding plan, visit the FAQs page.